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  • Offbeat Magazine
    • "Martin has successfully merged the authenticity of live jazz with the accessibility provided by modern technology." - Jay Mazza, OffBeat Magazine
    • "The end result is a highly original document of a specific time and place. The four musicians cohere as an ensemble and demonstrate Martin’s fully mature compositions fleshed out by players highly attuned to each other." - Jay Mazza, OffBeat Magazine
    • "Somehow Martin’s piano achieves a sound of profound wisdom as he and longtime jazz soulmates—drummer Gregory Hutchinson and bassist Reuban Rogers—engage in, well, the fun of celebrating the music." - Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat Magazine
    • "Peter Martin & Generation S is a release of great appeal, and certainly benefits from the duality of being obviously recorded live: we hear the drummer counting off the start of 'Alfred T'—and although it’s a studio session, it has excellent sound." - Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat Magazine
  • Cultural AttachĂ©
    • "If his teaching is as good as this recording, his students are very lucky. Joined by Sarah Hanahan on saxophone; Gregory Hutchison on drums and Reuben Rogers on bass, Martin has released a forward-thinking album that is refreshing in its freedom and its creativity. Just listen to Groove Echo Chamber and you’ll have a smile on your face. Abstract Courage will put you in a relaxed mood and Alfred T will have you thinking about your late-night plans.”
  • Tunite Music
    • "It's an experience that is filled with... dare I say it... fun. Peter Martin and Generation S is really fun to listen to."
  • Indie Boulevard
    • "Peter Martin & Generation S" is already garnering immense interest among jazz enthusiasts worldwide. It emanates harmony, mastery, and a freedom of expression that encapsulates the best of this genre."
    • "This album will undoubtedly become a true gem for jazz music collectors and will pique the interest of new genre enthusiasts. It's a perfect example of how jazz is alive and continues to inspire musicians to create new masterpieces."
  • Soundville
    • "This landmark project, brought to life by Open Studio, transcends musical boundaries, seamlessly blending virtuosity, creativity, and educational prowess."
    • "From Peter Martin's mastery on the piano to Sarah Hanahan's skill with the saxophone—every note is infused with passion and innovation!"

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